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About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting Treble Makers Quilt Shop. We are located in the old Norsworthy Music Center in the heart of Vernon, Texas. 


We all have that one friend constantly helping you find mischief.... we are that pair of friends. A dreamy conversation of opening a quilt shop 5 to 10 years down the road, suddenly had the potential to become reality in the matter of months! We jumped at the opportunity and began looking for the perfect place in Vernon for this shop to be located. While we searched for the location, we started brainstorming ideas for the shop name and found nothing seemed to fit. Then, on a quilt retreat together, we found what would become our shops name, embroidered on a mug rug in an east Texas quilt shop. Treble Makers was perfect for this pair of friends who love a good prank, and met while working for a music company many years ago. A week to the day after that visit to east Texas, the old music shop in town became available. Treble Makers is our biggest mischief adventure yet, and we want to invite all fellow quilters, crafters, creators, and those with a desire to learn, to come join us.